Website analytics are really important, they provide honest and clear data about various statistics regarding your website. These analytics can provide you with insights into your customers’ behaviour when visiting your site. You can also find out details such as the individual’s age, gender, location and find out exactly how they ended up on your website. These insights can be used to help you ensure that your business is performing as best as it can. Analytics generally work through a ‘tag’ on a webpage, this tag allows you to see how many times the page was clicked, the browser used and the location of the click. Today’s blog will tell you all you need to know about how important website analytics really are.

Know your visitors

Using analytics will allow you to get to know the people that are visiting your website, this means that you can tailor your site’s content to appeal to a specific demographic. You have access to the device and internet browser that your customer is using, so, if you can see that a vast amount of your customers are visiting your site on a mobile, you’ll want to ensure that the site is mobile friendly. You should consider the most popular age group that is visiting your website and alter your content so that it’s more interesting for them to view.

SEO improvements

SEO is so important. Utilising your site’s analytics properly will allow you to improve your site’s SEO. By understanding your website analytics, you can create content that targets your specific audience and therefore, by creating meaningful content, more people will be inclined to visit your site. More visitors means more traffic, which is something that the search engines look for when trying to push your site up to the top of the result’s page.

Valuable content

It’s important that you create valuable content that relates to what your business has to offer people, that way your analytics will be more reliable. Your analytics will show you exactly which pieces of content impressed your audience. Then you can create posts that are similar to the posts that have higher conversion rates and therefore hopefully you’ll impress a wider audience.

Sales tracking

Website analytics have the power to track your sales. Analytics can clearly show you conversion rates from your site, revenue and the average order value. You can see exactly what’s making you the most sales and therefore you can aim to create content strategies to drive more traffic and hopefully you’ll make more sales.

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