What is live chat?

Live chat is a feature on your website that allows you to engage with your customer on a real-time basis, answering questions/queries potential clients may have prior to them leaving your website. This reduces the chances of you losing a client and improves your sites bounce rate.

The origins of online chat

The first form of online chat was produced in 1973 however it was the dawn of the tech era in the mid noughties that saw the rise of the online chat facility and it was not long before multinational businesses cottoned onto the concept and adopted it within their own site structure as a means to communicate in real-time with their customers.

Why online chat?

Why not? Online chat is an untapped resource that your competitors are already using and benefitting from.

44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.

The wait times for an adviser within an online chat facility are far shorter than that of a call centre and without the hassle of having to dial an 0800 number or the expense of an 0845. Put simply if you have a staff member who answers the phone they can just as easily type a message.

Features of online chat

·        Alerted when a user enters your website

·        Track the movement of the user on your site

·        Form statistics based on purchasing trends

·        Identify weak areas of your site through page exit information

·        Prevent customers from leaving your website without contacting you or making a purchase

·        Improve brand approachability by communicating with new clients on a real-time basis.

To start with we practice what we preach, we use a live chat facility for the designwebsitesolutions.com site and find that customers we engage with on live chat are 84% more likely to make a purchase against those we don’t. We have also produced the facility for a number of our clients…

A catering firm we work closely with wanted a method of reducing their bounce rate and improve their click to enquiry ratio. We built a live chat facility as part of a bespoke website solution and they could not be happier. The facility allows them to deal with special requests and particular dietary requirements in real time and prevents them losing potential clients who had unanswered questions.

Live chat is an easy to use cost effective method for you to communicate with existing clients and assist the acquisition of new ones.