Blogs are a great tool for your website, no matter what your business actually is. They are a good way to answer the questions of your existing and potential clients before they’ve even thought about asking you. Blogs are generally fun whilst still being informative. Anyone can write a blog, just find yourself a relevant topic that you have knowledge on and get writing. In today’s blog we are letting you know all of the reasons why you should create a blog on your business website. 


The first reason you should create a blog is for content, blogs are interesting and people generally enjoy reading them. Blogs are a good way to stay organised with your site, you can set a day aside in the week to write and upload your blogs. Search engines love fresh content, so it’s a good idea to take time to work on your blogs and not to rush them.

Increased Traffic

Another great reason to utilise a blog on your business website is for the increase you will receive in organic traffic on your site. When traffic is labelled as organic, it essentially means that it’s free. Having a higher rate of traffic means that more people are visiting your website, which is great because it means your content is relevant to what people are searching for. Having more people visiting and staying on your site is great for your SEO because Google will view your site as an ‘Authority’, which means your site is more likely to feature higher up on the SERP.

Social Media

Social media is constantly growing and it has become really effective for businesses. It’s a good tool to use because it’s free and it allows your products/services to be seen by a wide audience. Social media is great because you can post to your target audience, who then share your post to their wider following. It’s a good idea to post about your fresh content on your social media, as your followers can view your website posts, which counts towards your traffic. There are so many platforms that you can use, but it’s a good idea to focus on one to start with, remember that you don’t need to be everywhere to be successful. 


SEO is huge now and it is so effective when it’s done properly. Blogs are a fantastic way to improve your SEO because they are labelled as fresh content, which is exactly what search engines, such as Google want to see. You’d be surprised at the difference it makes just uploading a couple of blogs each week to your site. SEO is really important when you’re striving for a successful website, so you should definitely take this small step to improve it. 


An effective way to track the success of your blogs is through using Google Analytics. This means that you can see exactly how well each of your blog posts has performed. This is a great tool for those just starting out to work out exactly what their target audience wants to read about. It means you can make any changes that you feel necessary and the best part is, you know it’s completely honest! 


Blogging is a free marketing tool! It does take time, but you just have to research what people want to read about and relate it to your business. There’s not many tools nowadays that are free and remember that all of the time you spend doing it, it’s so worth it. 


Thanks for reading today’s blog, we hope you found it useful. If you have any questions about blogging, please get in touch.